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The Upflex hub and spoke model is perfect for a distributed workforce. Your team gets one large private HQ as well as access to the entire Upflex network of workspaces.

Don’t lose your company culture decentralizing


Create a sense of belonging with a mix of private offices and workspaces.

Don’t waste money leasing office space you won’t use.


Having fixed costs in uncertain times is not sustainable. Give your team options while saving money.

Some of your employees won’t feel safe commuting


Get access to qualified and safe workplaces where your team needs to work.

Designed for companies like yours


Reduce lease liabilities and costs while accurately predicting budgets. Enhanced  flexibility, efficiency and productivity across the world.

Growing Companies

Scale anywhere effortlessly and cost effectively with one single provider, without worrying about getting locked into a lease.


Start small and think big by accessing Upflex global network. Keep your costs low and keep your team flexible, efficient and productive.

Keeping your health in mind

Safe Spaces™ is a coworking industry program designed to help you and your employees access workspaces that are taking the necessary steps for health and safety.
Choose from any Safe Spaces Approved workplaces based on CDC and WHO guidelines.

5,500+ locations in 75 countries

Trusted by hundreds of companies

  • Consolidated reporting and payment are some of the features that prompted us to choose Upflex. Previously we had to manage these processes manually, , but now all the admin and billing operations are a part of one unified solution, saving us a lot of time.

    Andreas Angelakis
    Andreas Angelakis Uberall Workplace and Culture Manager
  • Now, nearly every Ceros employee has reasonable access to an Upflex location, and we’ve reduced our office expenses by an order of magnitude.

    Rob Bender
    Rob Bender CFO, Ceros
  • At first, the rent-by-the-desk approach enabled us to defray costs. Now, Upflex is sending us larger customers for long-term private office use — it’s become a very profitable partnership.

    Anthony Gutman
    Anthony Gutman CEO, Remix Coworking
  • Upflex actually makes us money. Not only are we monetizing unsold inventory, we’re saving time and money. We don't even have to worry about the marketing — they do that.

    Steven Cohen
    Steven Cohen CEO, Nomadworks
  • As we look to the future of work, our partnership with Upflex will not only drive more value for WeWork members, but also promote a more innovative and collaborative flex ecosystem.

    Sandeep Mathrani
    Sandeep Mathrani CEO, WeWork
  • Upflex not only helps our employees to be more flexible and productive — they also offer well-designed, well-equipped modern offices to host meetings and team events.

    Karen McClellan
    Karen McClellan Director of Real Estate, Schneider Electric
  • Upflex is an innovative platform that combines local and regional providers of serviced offices to offer flex solutions to companies needing to accept future uncertainty without committing to long financial commitments.

    Marta Barata
    Marta Barata EMEA Head of Portfolio & Strategy, HP
  • From day one, the customer service has been on point, which makes me happy. Also, my team loves how easy the app is to use, and Upflex offers excellent coverage and a fantastic variety of spaces my team can access whenever they need.

    David Song
    David Song CEO, Rosie Labs

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Team members can find Safe Spaces™ approved workspaces, with the option to book immediately or in advance, on our mobile app or on the web.

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