Flexible Organizations,
Happy People

Make your employees happier, increase talent acquisition and retention, and embrace the future of workforce solutions by adding a layer of flexibility to your organization.

Flexibility is the Future of Work


Of people convey higher degrees of happiness working remotely.



Of employees say remote work has a high impact on retention.

Global Workplace Analytics


Worth of increase in national productivity from flexible work.

Global Workplace Analytics


In potential savings from part-time remote work in the U.S. alone.


Upflex is for Everyone

Upflex is for Everyone

Long Commutes

Globally, hundreds of billions of hours are spent commuting. 
In the US alone, 24 million employees commute over 1.5 hours a day. And too many employees spend what should be the most productive part of the day on the road.

Upflex is for Everyone

Upflex is for Everyone

Business Travelers, Executives, & Associates

25 million Americans travel for business each year. 
It’s difficult to optimize productivity in a hotel room or cafe.

Keep your employees productive on-the-go with Upflex.

Upflex is for Everyone

Upflex is for Everyone

Remote Employees

More and more people are working remotely, including the 9 million Americans who work remotely more than half the time. 
Feeling lonely & passionless is common.

Connect employees to a community of inspiring people with Upflex.

Upflex Supports your Company Leadership

Chief Human Resource Officer

Attract more talent and retain your best talent. Provide your employees with an additional company benefit of being able to utilize the Upflex Workforce Solutions and Spaces.

Chief Financial Officer

Reduce your company’s liabilities from leasing expensive, long-term workspace.  Leverage the on-demand lower cost of the Upflex global workspace network.

Chief Operations Officer

Streamline company operations and increase working efficiencies by employing the Flexible Workspace Model.

Upflex Creates Value

Provide your Employees with Flexibility

Easily offer flexible, alternate workspaces, whether it’s for a few hours a day, a few days a week, or just for one meeting.

Give your Employees Happiness

Upflex is a cost-effective way to attract top talent and build deeper company loyalty. Happier employees are more engaged employees, which benefits everyone – including the bottom line.

Provide your Company with Cost Savings

Create cost savings & workforce efficiencies by reducing your real estate overhead and providing on-demand workspaces instead.

Join the Flexibility Revolution