This Kyiv Coworking Space Is Buying Satellite Phones for Troops

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Ukraine’s coworking space operators have pivoted from providing flex space and desks on demand to providing supplies, food and shelter to their communities and wartime.

Here’s a space from the Upflex network you can help right now.

Upflex’s worldwide network of workspace includes several Ukraine spaces, including Lift99 Kyiv Hub, which is now pivoting to helping its community in other ways: fundraising, coordinating, connecting people, sharing verified info and resources, and keeping the ties strong between LIFT99 members in Ukraine and abroad.

Help Lift99Co Kyiv support their community in wartime. Learn more here.

The LIFT99 Ukraine LLC bank account, the team writes on their website, is “ready to receive donations to supply protection gear (helmets, vests, special clothing), medicine, and technical supplies (laptops, power banks, etc), to areas most affected such as Kharkiv, Mariupol and Kyiv. Our suppliers are ready to ship supplies from Europe, our delivery system is in place, and on-site volunteers are updating us constantly on where to supply.”

In a matter of hours, they raised almost $10K to buy satellite phones which are now in use for safe communication among Ukrainian troops. They’ve raised additional thousands for diesel electric generators, medical supplies, protective gear and more.

Find their IBAN / SWIFT bank transfer info and more about their initiatives here.

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