Stop Paying for Desks Your Team Doesn’t Use: Upflex On Demand

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The world is changing fast. Upflex On Demand helps you keep up.

Cut real estate costs — not people.

Upflex’s solutions are designed to help make flexible and hybrid work more manageable, more sustainable, and more cost efficient, helping companies reduce real estate costs and staying agile in a turbulent market — while boosting talent satisfaction through enabling the flexibility your employees are asking for.

Scale up or down with ease

Upflex On Demand is a seamless solution designed to help you manage peaks and valleys in your workforce or workspace needs.

Global strategy: check

Give your teams instant access to the world’s best workspace in more than 7,000 workspaces in 80 countries across 1,600 cities.

Get WeWork on Upflex

Thanks to our exclusive WeWork partnership, get on-demand access to WeWork spaces around the world, only on Upflex.

Space where your teams need it

We partner with 700+ leading flex space brands around the world, to offer locations where your employees are — and not just in major markets.

Constantly expanding to new markets

Teams are getting more distributed — so is our reach. We add new desks, meeting rooms and private offices to our network by the hundreds, every month.

When we say flexibility, we mean it. Choose from or combine our three tiers of On Demand.

1. Monthly desk membership

For companies with frequent flexible space users, choose one of three scaled options: five, 10, or unlimited desk bookings per employee, per month.

2. Monthly recurring team pool

For companies who use some flex space, and need lots of flexibility. Bookings are offset against a centralized revenue pool. Increase or decrease your commitment any time. Unused pool value rolls over month to month.

3. Pay as you go

For companies with occasional flexible space usage, a no-commitment option that lets you pay for only what you use, nothing more. We bill you upon booking confirmation. Connect payment to corporate accounts or cards at the individual or P&L level.

Tackle peaks and valleys in workspace demand with Upflex.
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